• Kevin Mukai

Hohonu: Talk Story

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Mission and story are crucial to the success of any startup. Mission is the force that drives teams toward a common goal, and story is the magnet that attracts others to join along the way.

In Hawai’i, “talking story” can be as simple as conversing with a stranger at the supermarket for a few minutes. Or as deep as confiding with close friends for hours into the night. Talking story isn’t limited by topics or time, just that the participants are genuinely themselves. Talking story repeatedly with those around us is what builds a deeper understanding of each other.

Hohonu: Talk Story is an opportunity for our team to genuinely be ourselves with our audience. It will aim to be an authentic window into Hohonu’s mission and journey. The challenges, successes, and everything in between.

We’re excited to talk story with you.

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