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Turnkey Water Intelligence

Understand Water Impact Like Never Before

Enable Climate Resilience

We are on a mission to democratize access to rigorous water data for everyone who needs it






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Just Add Sun

Measure Tides Every Second With No Strings Attached

  • < 1 Hour Installation - Can be installed by anyone

  • Out Of Sight - It won't be an eye sore on your dock or pier

  • Ultra Lower Power - Internal battery lasts for weeks even in the lowest-lit conditions

  • NOAA Tested - Data sampling scheme reflects the gold standard of NOAA tide stations

Insights At Your Fingertips

The Only Water App With Real-Time Data

  • Live Data - from 400 Hohonu sensors and NOAA stations that refreshes every 6 minutes.

  • 72-Hour Water Level Predictions - TideCast proprietary prediction algorithm that uses machine learning to be up to 80% more accurate than traditional tidal forecasts.

  • 12-Month Tidal Predictions Over 1,500 NOAA locations across the US that provide tidal predictions 12 months in advance

  • Weather Conditions - view wind, sun and moon phase, temperature, and rain at each station

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Road Flooding Detection

Detect Flooding As It Unfolds

  • Precise Understanding - How high, how often, and for how long does low-lying infrastructure flood? 

  • Flood Profiling - How do assets throughout town compare to each other during flood events? 

  • Tidal Correlation - How does urban flooding compare to what you're seeing on the coast?

Thresholds & Text Alerts

Be Notified When Time Is Of The Essence

  • Custom Triggers - Set triggers based on customizable heights that correspond to your own needs

  • Straight To Your Phone - Get notified via text as soon as water levels reach those defined triggers

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Flood Reporting & Analysis

Understand Flooding Better Than Ever Before

  • Spatial Reporting - Allows you to compare various monitoring sites over time

  • Shareable Insights - Generate PDF's that can be used for things like infrastructure funding applications

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120 Locations & Counting

1.8 million hours of water level monitoring to build resilient communities

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